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Initial Cleaning

Inspection of the entire facility is to be arranged to determine all work needed to be done. Leon's Janitorial cleaning INC. will develop and schedule a program personalized for your specific needs. A trained crew will be assigned to your facility. Leon's Janitorial cleaning INC will meet or surpass the highest standards in each and every aspect of your business. It is our firm desire that our pursuit of perfection will help us set new standards in excellence.Our staff is energetic, professional, and highly knowledgeable, using the most advance techniques and equipment available to better serve our clients. Our top manager will be directly involved in the operation and success of the maintenance services recommended for your facility.

Cleaning Supplies



Leon's Janitorial Cleaning


Inspections of the work should be conducted by the supervisory personnel of the contrator. Request for corrections will be done within 24-hours of notification.

Mopping the Floors
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Leon's Janitorial Cleaning


Leon's Janitorial cleaning INC guarantees to Supervise all requested jobs, Schedule all jobs in a timely manner, Provide corrective action if necessary, Quality and dependable service, 24 Hour access to Leon's Janitorial cleaning INC